Latest rain brings season-to-date ahead of last year

by Bill Russ on November 21, 2012

The rain fell while Menlo slept last night. There was .6″ in my gauge as of 7:30 am. My season-to-date total is 3.3″. That compares to 2″ at the same time in 2011. I would say this was unexcepted. Sitting at 3.3″, as of November 21, it is tempting to project a big rain year when you compare to 2′ this time last year.  We can hope so.

Trouble is we did not know, then, that 2011-12 would be a slim year of rainfall. We need to get well into January to get a better fix. Our last year over 20 inches was 2009-10 at 21.39″. As of November 21, 2009 the total was 4.1″, a solid figure but we did not know, then either, how good a year it would be. There is so much variability. Does this make any sense? My friend up  west in Sharon Heights is at 4″ right now.

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