Rebates available for Menlo Park Municipal Water District customers

by Linda Hubbard on July 29, 2013

Do your water bills increase during warmer weather? Since landscaping can require more water during summer, take advantage of conservation programs to reduce water use.

The following rebate programs and incentives are available to Menlo Park Municipal Water District customers:

  • Washing Machine Rebate Program (up to $125 rebate)
  • High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program (up to $100 rebate)
  • Free Water-Saving Fixtures (kitchen and bathroom aerators, hose nozzles, showerheads and toilet leak detection tablets)
  • Free Water-Efficient Gardening CDs

We are also offering our Lawn Be Gone Program with rebates up to $3,000 for replacing your lawn with water-efficient landscaping. Please note that the City of Menlo Park has multiple water districts. For more information on these programs, or to verify your water district, call the City of Menlo Park Environmental Program at (650) 330-6720 or email

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