Walking around the streets of Menlo Park in February and it’s evident that the abundant magnolia blossoms are giving Menlo Park’s official tree, the oak, a run for its money.

Luckily, InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most was out and about with his camera before this week’s pounding rain. In fact, he found a nice sunny day giving the blossom a lovely blue back drop in many shots.

There are two kinds of magnolia trees. The evergreen has leaves year round while  deciduous magnolia trees lose their leaves allowing the magnificent blossoms to take over.

“The huge magnolias we see in Menlo Park are probably anywhere from 50 to 100 years old,” said Janet Bell, a Menlo Park resident and owner of Garden Sense. “They take a long time to grow and they tend to grow wide.”

Reviewing the photos Robb took Janet reminded us that while the magnolias featured here are in a variety of pink shades, they are are actually yellow and magenta magnolia blossoms as well. “There’s wide variety of colors,” she said.

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2019

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Haydi Danielson carries on the family business at Boething Treeland in Portola Valley

Maybe we aren’t the only ones curious about what was down the long driveway off Alpine Road marked “Treeland.” Given that the sign says “wholesale only,” we never ventured down, at least until we met Haydi Danielson. Haydi, along with her sisters, are the daughters of Susan and John Boething, who started Boething Treeland Farms […]

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A sunflower forest grows in Menlo Park

There are sunflowers — and then there is the sunflower forest in Art Scott and Cindy Sumida-Scott’s Menlo Park backyard. First came the work of local landscape designer Janet Bell, who redid the yard. At that project’s conclusion, the couple sent cards to the various workers, expressing “this beautiful garden representing the analemma [sun’s path] […]

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Help us solve this mystery about the sculpture horse at former Sunset headquarters

Update: Wouldn’t you know that this mystery was solved, at least in part, just 30 minutes after this was posted. We heard from InMenlo copy editor Pat Guyer, who should know about sculptors given that she’s married to sculptor Terry Guyer. Pat emailed: “That horse is by Deborah Butterfield. She has one at the Cantor. She is […]

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Portola Valley and Woodside team up for Earth Day Fair on April 22

Bring your family and join your Portola Valley and Woodside friends and neighbors at beautiful Runnymede Sculpture Farm  (980 Runnymeade Road) for a day of fun and information. Learn how to design landscaping that is beautiful now and will remain beautiful through dry and wet seasons. The event is sponsored by the Woodside Sustainability & Conservation […]

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Numerous Earth Day related events planned in Atherton on April 22

Atherton’s Earth Day celebration runs from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the Town Center (Ashfield Road and Dinkelspiel Station Lane). The Town’s Environmental Programs Committee, Recology and the Atherton Library are teaming up to bring residents free garden mulch, e-waste safe recycling, secure shredding, eco-friendly 3-D printing, the San Mateo County Bookmobile, earth […]

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Spotted: Nano Park on Oak Drive in Menlo Park

Regular walkers of “the creek loop” probably noticed the front yard landscaping project that was going on during the summer at a home on the corner of Oak Drive and Ambar Way. What undoubtedly surprised them when it was over was the creation of what homeowner Shosh Cohen describes as a “Nano Park.” The park has […]

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Plants perfect for this area offered at Woodside-Atherton Garden Club sale on April 23

Get ready for prime time spring planting at a local plant sale celebrating “Every Day is Earth Day” on Saturday, April 23. from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Woodside-Atherton Garden Club members have grown and collected hundreds of native drought-resistant plants, colorful pollinators, and kitchen garden heirlooms for their biennial plant sale at Woodside Library […]

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David Barry talks about the promise of Mist, the “world’s smartest sprinkler system”

Brown lawns may turn green again if weather forecasters are correct in predicting a strong El Niño with heavier than average precipitation throughout California this fall and winter. At the same time, residents are urged to conserve. Enter the promise of a device named Mist, branded as the “world’s smartest sprinkler system,” watering just the […]

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Dan Dieguez transformed his backyard into magical wildlife garden

Dan Dieguez grew up in the Menlo Park home he lives in currently. But it’s his personal stamp that’s transformed the large backyard into what he calls a “wildlife garden.” “My friends call it ‘organized chaos,’” he explained during a recent visit accompanied by Menlo Park-based photographer Frances Freyberg, whose photos of the garden are featured here. […]

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Keith Willig hands out five-gallon buckets to clients to promote water conservation

Keith Willig Landscape Architecture and Construction (KWLA), based in Menlo Park, recently began a small initiative to increase public awareness of the drought and to promote water conservation. The company ordered 100 five-gallon buckets to hand out to clients around the Bay Area to inspire water collection in every form. Tied to each bucket is […]

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