City on Menlo Park maintains and plants trees throughout the year

by Contributed Content on August 13, 2022

A few weeks ago, the City of Menlo Park received shipments of approximately 60 trees from wholesale nurseries around the Bay Area. Species included drought tolerant, hardy natives such as California Buckeye, Black Oak and Deodar Cedar. Ornamental species known to perform well in the area included Trident Maple, Red Oak and London Plane. They are currently being stored and cared for in city tree nurseries until the start of planting season.

From late fall through spring, city staff will plant these trees at vacant sites in neighborhoods and parks around the city. The city will help water and maintain the trees to ensure they establish successfully and are an asset to the community. As the trees grow, they will provide a multitude of different benefits such as reduction of stormwater runoff, carbon sequestration, cooling shade, air filtration, increase in property values and habitat for wildlife.

The city plants approximately 170 trees each year and maintains a population of about 19,000 trees growing in parks and in its right of way.

For more information about the city’s commitment to maintaining its urban tree canopy, please visit the city tree website. To request a city tree in your neighborhood, please contact City Arborist Jillian Keller.

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