Willows neighborhood continues to demonstrate “it takes a village”

by Linda Hubbard on February 16, 2014

We heard about this Valentines Day effort from Kathleen Daly, the owner of Willows neighborhood gathering place Cafe Zoe, who’d received this email from Theresa Fox some weeks in advance of the holiday:

“My name’s Theresa; I’m a Willows resident, mom of two boys, and Menlo Park teacher. I drop by your lovely cafe a few times a month, but I’ve never introduced myself.  My toddler and I especially love hanging out on the patio. 🙂

“I have been very inspired by your holiday efforts for the Veterans the last few years and have been kicking around an idea to keep the connection going. My thought is to have neighborhood kids make homemade valentines for the veterans.

“I’m going to host a few drop-in valentine-making sessions at my house the next two weekends.  I also wondered if you would be open to having me leave a tub of supplies at Cafe Zoe so that kids could make Valentines  for the Veterans while hanging out with their parents there.”

The upshot: Theresa dropped off over 340 Valentines at the VA, made by local kids age one to 14.

Emails Kathleen: “This was a huge effort on the part of an awesome Willows resident…I thought you’d like to see the photo she sent me.”


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