“Go Giants” says this giant of a dog, Cash

by Linda Hubbard on October 22, 2014

Growing up in Menlo Park, Rob Dell’Ergo was such a San Francisco Giants fan that he ended up working for the Giants in guest services later in life and writing a book about the team’s first season in its current ball park.

For today’s “good luck, Giants” photo, we’re featuring Rob’s dog Cash in Giants attire. It was taken by Rob’s son Nick, who often accompanied his dad to the ballpark.

“Over the past 60 years ( since the NY Giants won the World Series), one of the Dell’Ergo brothers has been to every Giants losing series (1962/1989/2002) but neither has been to a winning series (2010/2012), so it’s TV time again this year,” said Rob.

We’re hoping his strategy pays off! Go Giants.

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