Rescue horse Scooter is inspiration for children’s book

by Contributed Content on November 13, 2014

Can inspiration and wisdom be passed across the boundaries of living species? Is it possible for the valuable lessons that are the building blocks of human existence to be garnered from a horse? Portola Valley resident Wilson Farrar believes that it can and has written a children’s book about it based upon her experiences with Scooter, her 30-year-old Peruvian Paso rescue horse.

Horses have earned a special place in the history of human experience. Native Americans so highly valued and revered the horse that a man’s wealth was measured by the number and quality of the horses he had; his stature and standing with the tribe were partly driven by his abilities as a rider.

Scooter and WilsonYet, even with this bond, there were those special horses that had a mystic and spiritual quality. A white horse was thought to be the “spirit horse”, an amalgamation of wisdom and strength. The spirit horse was believed to have crossed the boundary of life to the other side and had returned to share its wisdom and experiences.

Scooter is an all-white horse that has battled the ailments of age and infirmity, coming close to death only to fight his way back to health. His experience and his bond with Wilson became the inspiration of her book, which is aimed at sharing with the young (and young at heart) the tenets of how to live a highly successful and enriching life.

In this age of institutionalized learning, she has a strong belief that empowering the individual and building a life aimed at “following your heart” is a lost but highly prized lesson. She has written the book to inspire young minds and to give them a sense of “anything is possible.”

Wilson has launched the book and is raising funds for broader publication. You can support the campaign or order the book online.


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