Wilson Farrar says “Happy Birthday” to her horse, Scooter, with a party

by Julie Mickelson on April 28, 2013

Wilson Farrar’s horse, Scooter, turns 29 today, and the horse owner is doing what she’s done the past five years, throwing him a party with 100 or so people attending. Celebrants will get glass bubbles and horseshoes with inspiring messages as well as Scooter notecards.

Wilson rescued the horse about eight years ago from her then landlord who was going to put him to sleep because he was old and unridable. Fortunately, the landlord was willing to sell Scooter to Wilson (for $1!) and let her take over his care, which she and her friends have been doing ever since.

It’s been an amazing ride including the time when the roof blew of the house, and Scooter and Wilson had to find another place to live (with a barn to rent) in a matter of days. Somehow they did. That’s Wilson and  Scooter. “Lucky Lucky” as they say. She currently rents a small place with a barn in Portola Valley, where the party is being held.

Scooter with carrot cake

In their 8 years together, Scooter has become friends with many, many people, including students from around the world. Wilson invites groups of young entrepreneurs over to learn about life and to meet Scooter. Between the two of them, they demonstrate the value our pets (whether a dog, cat or a horse) bring to our lives.



Elaine Morgan April 28, 2013 at 12:23 pm


Wilson Farrar

You have shown with your act of kindness that all animals thrive with love and a home jsut as people do.

Respectfully, Elaine

Wilson Farrar November 15, 2014 at 9:57 am

Dear Elaine,

How right you are! Thank you! All animals, and people too, thrive with love. My horse, Scooter, is now 30 and 1/2 years! I was rereading this article, and your post, because my friend, Tom, just posted a new article about him, with a picture of the Scooter and me. I hope that you will see it. Thank you again and very kind regards, – Wilson

Stacey Costello Design May 07, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Dear Wilson,
Your story touched my heart! I would love to meet Scooter. I am hoping you may see this response and be willing to hear my story.

All the best!

Stacey Costello.

Wilson Farrar November 15, 2014 at 9:58 am

Hi Stacey,

Thank you for your moving comment. Scooter is now 30 and 1/2. We would welcome a visit from you! I just left you a voicemail. Hope you’re well. Thank you! – Wilson

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