Bill Mince draws on his business experience to write book to help first-time managers achieve success

by Linda Hubbard on March 20, 2015

Ask Menlo Park resident Bill Mince about his professional career and how it led him to write the business advice book Up from the Crowd: Lessons to Help Managers Become Effective Leadersand you quickly get the idea that he’s seen and experienced a lot.

As both a public company executive as well as being on the management staff of a number of startups, Bill has been involved in 25 acquisitions, and the companies he’s worked for have been acquired five times.

“At the medical device company I worked at, when we’d buy a company, I’d be the officer on deck the day the deal would close,” he recalled. “My job was to execute the integration plan we’d put together through the due diligence process.

“We were mostly buying underperforming companies. The best way to describe it is that we were doing a private equity play in a public market.”

In many cases, the company’s employees had only experienced top down management. “But our management style was to empower people, coach them and then step away,” Bill said. “After a few years of this, I was saying the same thing over and over. An one point, some one said, ‘You need to write this down.’ Hence the book.”

Bill hopes to reach people who are managers for the first time — or those on the technical side of a business who are moving to broader management.

Success wasn’t instant for Bill, who dropped out of college. He returned to school at night to earn his two degrees, at the same time gaining real-world experience on the job.

“At the end of the day, managers who are micro-managing don’t understand it’s the people who make the difference,” he said. “The book is my attempt to teach others what motivates people and how to play the game effectively.”

You can sample the book and read some of Bill’s blog posts on his author’s website.

Photo by Irene Searles


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Nelda Dilbeck March 24, 2015 at 8:35 pm

Excellent book with good information. A must for young people with a desire to get ahead. Written in very good taste!

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