Menlo Oaks holds annual neighborhood picnic with many time residents in attendance

by Judy Horst on June 15, 2015

Approximately 100 children and adults attended Menlo Oaks annual neighborhood picnic yesterday (6/14) sponsored by the Menlo Oaks District Association.

Rich Collyer (pictured top), who grew up in Menlo Oaks, was head chef, spending four hours, prepping the fire and grilling chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers and vegi burgers. Neighbors pitched in with salads and desserts. Children spent their time running between the food tables and the jumpy house.

salad and dessert judges

Topping off the day was the traditional salad and dessert contest, with categories for children and adults. Kay Hitch and Judy Colwell (above) sampled every salad and dessert brought by both adults and children, then gave out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons to the winners.

Menlo Oaks group shotMenlo Oaks seems to attract people who love the bucolic area and want to stay. Earliest residents of Menlo Oaks who attended the MODA picnic included Mary Lou Collyer, 1957; Charles & Frances Riley, 1960; Marian Smith, 1965; Rod Derbyshire & Mary Ann Carmack, 1965; Sam Smith, 1967; and Judy Colwell, 1968. Many of their children and grandchildren came back for the picnic, too.

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