Spotted: Neighbor to the rescue for clogged downspout

by Linda Hubbard on January 8, 2017

Menlo Park resident David Quinn came to the rescue of a friend [and InMenlo contributing photographer] Irene Searles at the height of the rain today, climbing a ladder to clean a gutter and check a downspout.

Emailed Irene: “[If he had] not come and helped me figure out pool drainage, which changed when the pool company disconnected our old draining system without telling me when they put in a new pool pump. Then he noticed some gutter buckling at a corner of the house, so he proceeded to unclog all, and there was a huge problem developing. Seems OK now. [This] could be a good alert story.”

A lot of rushing water poured out once the spout was cleared. The water’s reflection makes for an arty rainy day photo.


Photos by Irene Searles


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