Need some winter cheer? Check out these rain-soaked blooms in Menlo Park

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on February 21, 2017

What’s that? Blue sky and sunshine overhead? Yes, it does feel that it’s been raining forever in Menlo Park. In particular, that was some deluge that started mid-afternoon yesterday and lasted into the early evening. Then came the gusty winds overnight.

Reported InMenlo weather watcher Bill Russ at 7:30 am this morning: “28.5” is my season total. That includes 1.2″ since 2:30 pm Monday [2/20].” One of this morning’s predicted “showers” was more like a downpour, and it added another .2″ to Bill’s gauge bringing is season-to-date to 28.7″.

Yesterday morning, InMenlo contributing photographer Robb Most went out on a hunt for pretty blooms and blossoms around Menlo Park. We like the four presented here, in particular, as they also feature near perfect drops of water.

The blooms (the best we can tell) are, from top to bottom: blueberry blossoms, magnolia, acacia and herbarium. If you think we’ve mis-identified, do let us know!

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2017

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