Elaine McCreight is a poet turned painter

by Linda Hubbard on July 30, 2018

Artist Elaine McCreight describes her creative process as a combination of feeling and fidgeting. “The composition of my work has a lot to do with feelings,” she said during a visit to her home studio in Menlo Park. “I sit and stare at what I’m working on. And I’m always working on more than one painting. When I start to fidget, I move on to another canvas.”

Elaine grew up in the South where she drew and wrote a lot as a child. “I continued to write and thought of myself as a word person. Poetry came well before painting.”

Both took a back seat during her two decade plus teaching career at Encinal School in Atherton. Poetry was resurrected when she attended the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College. “Prior to that, most of my writing was done in the closet when I was upset,” she said. “My poems had to do with the South and my relationship with my father.

“The MFA Program was extraordinaryily demanding over two and a half years. It made me think, ‘if I can do this, I can paint.’ And little-by-little I started painting more and writing less.”

Elaine described her artistic style as “melding the abstract and the representational.” She works mainly in oil. “Much of it is lots of shapes on canvases. I love working on old canvases. I stand almost all day when painting. All of a sudden I’ll see figures. Then I go with my feelings.”

She’s participated in a number of Open Studios and is now considering next steps for getting her work in front of more people. In the meantime, if you’re interested a buying one of her paintings, contact her through her website.

Photo by Irene Searles (c) 2018

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