Capturing street scenes of Japan with an iPhone

by Scott Loftesness on November 12, 2018

I recently traveled to Japan, visiting two of that countries great cities: Tokyo and Kyoto. As an avid street photographer, I was looking forward to hitting the streets with my usual camera gear — Fujifilm mirrorless cameras.

Over the last five years, I’ve been fortunate to visit many cities with this gear and have come to love the performance of the Fujifilm cameras for my street photography. So, I packed my gear, my shoulder photobag and headed for Japan.

A few weeks prior to my trip, I upgraded my iPhone to the new iPhone Xs Max, Apple’s latest large iPhone which includes several new photo features, including a new camera sensor and some new software which applies something called “computational photography” to the images.

While I was very happy with the camera capabilities of my prior iPhone, I’ve been really struck by the performance of the Xs Max’s camera system, so much so  that while I was in Japan I rarely took my “big camera” Fuji’s out of my camera bag. I shot almost everything using this new iPhone — it’s become my new favorite camera for street photography!

Editor’s note: Menlo Park resident Scott Loftesness is co-founder of InMenlo.

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A. L. November 12, 2018 at 12:58 pm

Thanks for the photo tour!

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