Scott Loftesness proves there’s more than just street photography in Japan

by Linda Hubbard on December 12, 2018

We recently showcased photographs that InMenlo co-founder — and experienced street photographer — Scott Loftesness took in both Tokyo and Kyoto, mostly using his iPhone Xs Max.

Emailed Scott: “When I wrote that post, I was focused on my street photography (my current love!) but, as it turns out, I included a mix of both street images along with some others that more appropriately might be called ‘nature’ or even ‘fine art’ photography.

“One of the delights of using an iPhone camera is that it’s always (well, almost!) with you. While in Japan, we weren’t just on the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto but also got outside of the big cities and into the countryside.

“Plus, in Tokyo, the Imperial Palace grounds provide such a beautiful natural setting that you make can make some wonderful images there.”

We present some of Scott’s non-street photographs here.

Photos by Scott J. Loftesness (c) 2018

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