Bladesmith Sam Farnworth is contestant on Forged in Fire this Wednesday

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on July 15, 2019

Sam Farnworth is appearing as a contestant on Forged in Fire, airing Wednesday, July 17, on the History Channel at 6:00 pm (PDT). The show features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other.

Sam, who was home schooled in Menlo Park and now lives in the Pacific Northwest, took a  class when he was 13 years old at The Crucible in Oakland. It was a “taster course” — two hours each of welding, foundry and  blacksmithing.

“Unfortunately, being only 13 at the time, I was unable to take more classes or workshops due to my age,” he explains on his website. “I did not let that get in my way and started to research how to make things out of metal. I soon developed a passion for making knives. So now, many years later, I am a full time, self-taught, bladesmith committed to making exceptional blades that are both functional and beautiful.”

Sam has built many forges at home, using sustainable and recyclable materials. He has learned how to stabilize local woods to be used for handles and taught himself how to make Damascus steel.

He takes custom orders ranging from chef knives to all sorts of outdoor use knives. He  participated in his first “blade show” last year in Portland — and brought many of his wares to display and sell.

“He is also a musician and was inspired by Joe Satriani early on,” add his mother, Suzy. “A friend of his at the gym knows Joe and plays music with him. Sam made a custom knife for him using a piece of wood from a guitar he broke while on a camping trip! He gifted the blade to Joe Satriani  as a way of acknowledging how much his music inspired him when he was younger.

“He loves being able to re-imagine materials and craft them into useful tools, she added.”

You can view various models of Sam’s blades on his website.

Photos courtesy of Suzy Farnworth

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