Lin Howery hones her jam making skills offering customers eight distinct flavors

by Linda Hubbard on November 13, 2019

Not every career arc extends from civil engineering to jam making. But such is the case with Menlo Park resident Lin Howery.

With her children growing more independent, Lin started thinking about how she could get back in the workforce.

“Growing up in Syria, we always made our own jam,” she says. “So I started making jam for my kids. It’s less sugary than what you buy in the grocery stores, and my friends started asking me for some.”

That lead to her founding her own company, J’Aime Confiture. “It’s a fun play on words,” she explains. ‘J’Aime’ is ‘I love’ in French. But it also sounds like jam!”

Lin is not only the jam maker, she designed all the packaging with a little help from her brother on  the logo.

Eight flavors are currently available both online and at Filoli events. She’s made connections at local farmers market to get the best fruits and berries. While kids favor strawberry, her best seller is chocolate strawberry.

She makes about 1,000 jars a year. “I cook seasonally,” she says. “The holidays are the busiest.

“I bottle the jam right after cooking it and then package it just before selling.”

Selling at events allows Lin to get good customer feedback. “I continue to refine recipes every year.”

Lin says making jam takes her mind off the daily routine. “And it’s something for me, apart from my family,” she adds.

Thanksgiving menu tip: Persimmon and orange peel are good with turkey.

Photos by Jules Appleby (c) 2019


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