Test drive an induction cooktop – free – with new loaner program

by Contributed Content on December 19, 2019

The Menlo Park City Council approved a groundbreaking local energy ordinance September 24, 2019, that requires all new buildings to be electric (with some exceptions) effective January 1, 2020. The Reach Codes sparked discussions among Peninsula residents and encouraged many to learn more about induction cooktops.

Now, Acterra, a nonprofit based in Palo Alto, has created an Induction Cooktop Loaner Program for Bay Area residents to borrow portable induction cooktops. Participants can borrow them free for up to three weeks.

According to the 2018 Consumer Reports, the top 10 rated cooktops are all induction stoves? There are several benefits of using induction stoves. For example, induction cooking is two to three times more efficient than gas cooktops, making it the most energy efficient cooking appliance. Induction cooktops also cook food faster, lose less heat in the process and enhance indoor air quality. They also turn off automatically when a pan is removed, which is a great safety feature, especially if young children are present.

To participant in the Induction Cooktop Loaner Program,  email Acterra or visit the Acterra website.

For more information on Menlo Park’s Reach Codes,  visit menlopark.org/reachcodes.

From Menlo Updates: used with permission

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