Whoops! Those are stars overhead at Zott’s – not a tent

by Linda Hubbard on December 22, 2019

On Sunday, Dec. 15, we walked from the Ladera Shopping Center to the Alpine Inn for lunch. When we got there, we were delighted to find that the outdoor beer garden had been tented. What a great way to winterize that big outdoor eating area, we wrote on InMenlo.

That got the attention of one of our neighbors who said “let’s go soon.” We obliged and headed that way for dinner this evening. We ordered our food inside and went outside to find a table under the tent — except the tent was no more.

One of the employees told us that the tent we’d seen last weekend was there for a “special event.” He did mumble something about a “tent is on order,” but we have not confirmed that with management. (Stay tuned.)

Spiffy red blankets are supplied for bundling up, and there are propane heaters; three of them kept our party of four cozy.

A number of lighted Christmas trees, one of which our neighbor Haydi checked out, makes for a festive scene.

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2019

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