Persimmons seem to be every where at the moment — on trees as we walk the streets of Menlo Park and at the grocery store.

Until last night, we thought they were something to be avoided at all costs. Yucky and mushy come to mind as descriptions.

Given that, we’re not sure why we ordered Burrata cheese at Camper last night, given the full description on the menu: DiStefano Burrata, Pickled Delicata Squash, Marcona Almonds, Fuyu Persimmon, Saba. One can only assume that it was because we adore Burrata and chose to ignore that second to last ingredient.

So imagine our surprise when the salad arrived with beautiful round slices of persimmons that not only were crisp like a radish but sweet!

Managing partner Logan Levant provided the explanation: The key work is Fuyu. An online search further defines the difference between two common varieties of persimmon.

Hachiya persimmons are heart or acorn-shaped, and can be quite astringent. These are the persimmons that should not be eaten until they’re ripe, or even overripe, as their unripened taste can be extremely bitter and unappealing. Upon ripening they are supposed to have a delicate sweetness. Mushiness is not mentioned.

On the other hand, Fuyu persimmons are usually squat and round, and look the most like orange tomatoes. They are much less astringent, which means they can be eaten even if not fully ripe. An unripened Fuyu is usually easy to cut and sweet.

This morning we spotted Fuyu persimmons at the Menlo Park farmers market. They go great with Burrata as we learned last night at Camper!

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2019

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Spotted: Tasty new pancakes on the menu at LuLu’s on the Alameda

As reported earlier, LuLu’s on the Alameda is offering new, healthy breakfast items. We stopped by this morning to try them out. Our companion pronounced the pancakes “tasty and good.” Ditto on the avocado toast we enjoyed.

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LuLu’s on the Alameda offers new healthy breakfast menu available daily

LuLu’s on the Alameda is now serving an expanded, healthy breakfast menu daily beginning at 7:00 am. In collaboration with  owner, Natalie Richardson, and head chef, Lourdes Lopez, Edie Horstman — Natalie’s daughter — has launched wellEATs. A graduate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Edie is passionate about nutritious, seasonal, and sustainably grown food. […]

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Sad news that Woodside Deli is closing

In an email exchange, Menlo Park resident Kyle Vogel confirmed that the Woodside Deli, which he took over in 2017 and remodeled the interior, is closing. He attached the notice that’s on the Deli’s door, as noticed by a number of InMenlo readers previously. We’ve been a fan of Kyle’s going back to the Deelish […]

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Madera restaurant receives 2019 Grand Award from Wine Spectator

Madera, the restaurant at Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, was honored in Wine Spectator’s 2019 Restaurant Awards, receiving the Grand Award, known as the ultimate recognition for restaurants with wine programs. Wine Spectator’s annual Restaurant Awards celebrate restaurants that offer extensive and unique wines that are appropriate to their cuisines and appeal to a […]

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Camper in Menlo Park celebrates 1st anniversary and adds happy hour

Camper Restaurant in Menlo Park, is celebrating its first anniversary on September 4th and adding a happy hour. We stopped by on Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed a tasty salad featuring Webb Ranch tomatoes  followed by really yummy Brentwood corn agnolotti. “We continue to be blown away by how much kindness, encouragement and support the […]

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An appreciation of Jesse Cool and Flea Street Cafe on its 39th anniversary

I’m a long time fan of Flea Street Cafe, which owner Jesse Cool has shepherded through good times and bad before celebrating its 39th anniversary yesterday. “I really don’t know how I did,” is how she succinctly summed up the accomplishment. I first dined there in the early ’80s when visiting my Menlo Park parents, […]

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Rossotti’s Alpine Inn begins another chapter – with new offerings of food, drink and games

Rossotti’s Alpine Inn, aka Zott’s, made a triumphant return when it re-opened for business last Friday afternoon at 5:00 pm. There’s much to like! It now looks more like a proper beer garden that its roadhouse roots. The outside picnic tables with adjacent heaters and overhead lights seem to extend for miles. And they were […]

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Under Executive Chef Reylon Agustin, Madera restaurant in Menlo Park continues to shine

“Cooking chose me,” declares Reylon Agustin, the Executive Chef at Michelin-starred Madera restaurant located within the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park. “My parents wanted me to go to law school or be a doctor. But when I was 15 1/2 years old, I got a workers permit which led to a job peeling potatoes at Trader […]

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Selby’s brings opulent dining to the Mid-Peninsula with a range of food to please many palates

The highly-anticipated Selby’s restaurant opened this week, the latest — and largest seating-wise — from the Bacchus Management Group, which also operates the Village Pub, Village Bakery and Mayfield Cafe on the Mid-Peninsula. Duly noted is the incredibly opulent decor, tastefully executed down to the curated art and photography on the walls thanks to the […]

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Remembering when fine dining reigned in Sharon Heights at the Velvet Turtle

Many longtime locals continue to mourn the loss of the Velvet Turtle in the Sharon Heights shopping center.  Opened in 1970 by Wally Botello, it was the first of 20 such restaurants spread around California. Purchased by the Marriott Corp. in 1986, who later sold it to a private investment group. The Menlo Park location, […]

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