Help your neighborhood during the COVID-19 emergency by becoming a Block Coordinator

by Peter Carpenter on April 1, 2020

If you are healthy, have a computer or phone, and are fit enough to walk around a block — please sign up to be a Block Coordinator (BCs) in Menlo Park. BCs are urgently needed until the COVID-19 emergency is over.

To be a good BC, you mostly just need to be a good neighbor. BCs serve as Block Coordinators for 10-20 residences. A block may consist of single family homes, an apartment building, or condo complex, or another type of multi-unit building.

This program is about neighbors helping neighbors to be self-sufficient during the COVID-19 emergency. Organized neighborhoods can help their neighbors to successfully Shelter-in-Place to avoid places where residents might catch or spread COVID-19.

What is your civic responsibility?

Mayor of Menlo Park, Cecilia Taylor asks residents to sign up to be Block Coordinators in a recent letter. You may also sign up at

After you sign up, you will receive a “Getting Started” Toolkit and be introduced to your Area or Neighborhood Coordinator.

BCs Primary Responsibility – During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Determine Block Boundaries. Your Neighborhood or Area Coordinator will work with you on your Block boundaries. In areas without broader support, work with existing Block Coordinators to determine your Block boundaries, while avoiding overlap. Write down the street, and exact household #s or the Unit #s of a multi-unit building. Supply the specifics to your designated contact.
  • Get Started – ASAP! The Getting Started Toolkit will help you with tips. Reach out! You can call, email or knock on doors, while standing at least 6 feet away. Wear gloves or otherwise protect your hands from surfaces. Wash hands before/after, and avoid touching your face.
  • Make and Stay in Contact. Introduce yourself. Ask three simple questions: How are you getting COVID-19 information? Do you need food or medicine? Are you feeling healthy or sick? Make brief notes so you can remember what you hear. If any requests are beyond what you can supply, or want to do, let your Neighborhood or Area Coordinator know.
  • Keep in close touch with your Neighborhood or Area Coordinator. Attend any scheduled Zoom meetings. Let him or her know where you need support.

MPC Ready’s mission, during the COVID-19 emergency, is to help as many neighborhoods as possible to successfully practice Social Isolation. Block Coordinators are helping to save lives, which may include their own life, by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

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