Menlo Park teen puts rhyming scavenger hunt together to play in any neighborhood

by Linda Hubbard on April 16, 2020

When we visited with Menlo Park resident Lucy Rutherford just after Easter, she was shaking off the effects of helping her mother put together 300 egg-filled baskets that were distributed to the LifeMoves’ Maple Street Shelter as well as other local families in need.

But that did not dampen her enthusiasm for talking about the scavenger hunt she’s put together with the help of a friend. “It seems like everyone is staying inside glued to a screen or reading books,” she said. “I wanted to put something together that would get families outside where they could spend time together and have fun.”

Her scavenger hunt is a series of easy riddles. For example: Find something tall. Visited by a bee. From it don’t fall. It’s a fruit _ _ _ _.

“The hunt can take place anywhere,” said Lucy, who is a freshman at Tide Academy. “People are sharing the riddles with friends and family across the country.

“I love helping people and putting things together for kids. The scavenger hunt pulled those interests together.”

Here are the riddles with answers at the bottom:

Find something tall
Visited by a bee
From it don’t fall
It’s a fruit _ _ _ _

Swings its tail to and fro
It hunts a rat
Very clever although
The animal is a _ _ _

This animal likes to bark
They like going on a jog
This animal plays in the grassy park
This animal is a _ _ _

A beautiful color between blue and red
It rarely shows its power
Often made for a crown on your head
It’s a purple _ _ _ _ _ _

Bzzz Bzzz it flies by quick
Body black and yellow-y
Which flower will it finally pick
This creature is a bumble _ _ _

It blows in the air
And can be confused for a large rag
Used to show some flair
It’s an American _ _ _ _

Make a wish and blow hard
And through the air I’ll go flyin’
Floating gently through your yard
A weed known as a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We fly above your head
We squawk instead of using words
We like eating crumbs from your bread
We are a flock of pretty _ _ _ _ _

I cover the body of birds in the sky
I protect them from the harsh weather
When I fall off I drift away high
I am a pretty _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ride it around the neighborhood
Something you will like
A form of transportation that’s good
Do you have a _ _ _ _?

Throw away your unwanted and done
I get emptied by a truck with a crash
Don’t jump in me- my smell is no fun
I am a can known as _ _ _ _ _

Dogs like me very much
I’m very needed and vibrant
I’m something that firefighters must touch
I’m a fire _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I’m big and red
Ignoring me is not fine
“HALT,” I said
I’m a stop _ _ _ _

I grow in many different places
I can be poison and bring doom
I can also be tasty in certain cases
I’m known as a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Smooth and hard
I am not a subject to mock
I can often be found in a yard
I’m a smooth _ _ _ _

Grab your rainboots and run out the door
Or stay inside, watch a movie and cuddle
Splash in me during a heavy downpour
I’m a wet and fun water filled _ _ _ _ _ _
*any body of water will work if there are no puddles around*

I used to be a tree
Over me you can jump
Can’t you see
I’m a tree _ _ _ _ _

Played with a ball
Enjoyed in a large group
It’s not that small
It’s a basketball _ _ _ _

Sit on me if you please
I’ll endure your stench
I’ll put you at ease
I’m a wooden _ _ _ _ _

In the sidewalk cracks I’ll be
You can find me in a plant
Smaller than a flea
I’m a tiny tiny _ _ _

Answers: Tree, Cat, Dog, Purple Flower, Bee, American Flag, Dandelion, Birds, Feather, Bike, Trash, Fire Hydrant, Stop Sign, Mushroom, Smooth Rock, Puddle, Tree Stump, Basketball Hoop, Wooden Bench, Ant

Photo of Lucy with her dog Maggie by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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