How is your garden growing, Robb Most?

by Robb Most on May 8, 2020

I enjoy this time of year because I love seeing the baby plants emerging from seed. My backyard is shaded most of the time so what does best is pole beans and cucumbers. I planted peas early and they are doing well and climbing up the hoops.

In late April, I thinned the apples. The photos show the apples ready to thin (down to one or at most 2 apples). I think that I finally found the formula for great apples. I solved the squirrel problem by wrapping the trunks in netting and I solved the bug problem by wrapping the baby apples when they are 1 inch with maggot barriers which are basically small nylon stockings that stretch with the apple and keep bugs out of the apple.

I also spray with copper fungicide early in the year. My son, James, and his wife, Sara Joy, are incredible gardeners having been permaculture and organic faming trained. It is amazing how much food they can grow from their yard. I enjoy getting tips from them about how to deal with problems and how to prepare the garden.

Editor’s note: Have you been tending a garden while sheltering in place? Please send your story and photos to

Photos by Robb Most (c) 2020; top – apples; right – peas; bottom, cucumber


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