We’ve been talking about heading to Filoli for one of its Thursday summer nights (5:00 to 8:00 pm through September 24) and booked last night well in advance of the heat wave that meant temps in the ’90s for our visit. There was a breeze, and, of course, there are the leafy grounds themselves. We arrived right at opening and were glad we did as it filled up within the hour. A highlight was viewing the exhibit Rich Soil,  Kristine Mays’ life-size wire sculptures that reveal the human form. Note: reservations are required in advance for both members and non-members.

Photo Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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Spotted: Baby dove sitting next to papa dove

Menlo Park residents Lisa and Larry often have birds building nests near their front porch, but once the crows swooped in with unfortunate results and another time the eggs didn’t hatch. This year, a baby dove made it out of the nest – success! It was happily enjoying a spot next to papa dove. A few […]

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Learn about growing with cruciferous vegetables on Aug. 5

Learn about easy-to-grow veggies and greens for the fall on Wednesday, Aug. 5 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. We will cover what varieties grow well locally, and when and how to get them started. Register online. Menlo Park Library’s Garden Talk series takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.

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How does your garden grow, Lisa and Larry?

Walking into Lisa Burnett and Larry Cofer’s front yard vegetable garden, one is first accosted by what they call the “purple people.” “Years ago, I bought a six pack of seedling Campanulas, and they’ve just taken over,” explains Lisa. “They’re at their tallest now. I’ll whack them down and they’ll be back next summer.” Given […]

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From John McDonnell’s garden springs Corn Fest 2020

Menlo Park resident John McDonnell explains that gardening is in his blood. “My family has owned and operated a number of nurseries in the Bay Area,” he says. “The last  remaining one is on Moraga Way in Orinda.” While he worked at one of the nurseries when he was in high school, law school beckoned. Today […]

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Joan Morris will talk about gardening with wildlife on July 20

Are deer munching your roses, squirrels hiding nuts in your pots, and raccoons tearing up your lawn? Bay Area News Group pets and wildlife columnist Joan Morris will tell you how to combat them without using lethal methods on Monday, July 20, from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Register online. Joan  is the founder of Our […]

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How does your garden grow, Dennis Nugent?

Since moving back to his hometown of Menlo Park in 2014, Dennis Nugent has had a vegetable garden of one kind or another. “It was easy because there was already a designated space in the back yard,” he says. But with the pandemic closing golf courses and cancelling art classes – his usual weekday activities […]

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Peninsula Rose Society offers virtual exhibit this year

A Nextdoor post from Menlo Park resident Stuart Dalton caught our attention: “Peninsula Rose Society posted a non-judged photo exhibit on our website. View over 100 member photos taken in gardens, vases, and  arrangements. We could not have our normal in-person show so we have a virtual exhibit. While you browse the site, feel free […]

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These “4th of July” roses are a perfect tribute to Independence Day

Menlo Park resident Stuart Dalton, a member of the Peninsula Rose Society, emailed wonderful photographs of the “4th of July” roses growing in his garden. “It is a large flower climber,” he explains. We hadn’t heard of “4th of July” roses and found some background about them on the Jackson & Perkins website: “You may […]

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Working with succulents keeps Stacy Bissell’s creative juices flowing

A private tutor by profession, Stacy Bissell describes herself as crafty and thrifty. “If I see something I love, I try to make it before I buy it,” the 20-year resident of Menlo Park says. Here interest in succulents was sparked when a friend gave her some Cinderella pumpkins filled with succulents, which gave her […]

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Learn about growing flowers to brighten your garden on July 1

What flowers will look best in your garden – and be easiest for you to maintain? We’ll share tips on growing flowers to bring color into your garden on Wednesday, July 1 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The focus will be those that are easy to start from seed. Register online. Menlo Park Library’s Garden […]

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