Photographer Mark Tuschman connects with berry farmer – and hopes other locals will do so, too

by Linda Hubbard on June 8, 2020

Emails Menlo Park resident Kathy Switky: “I think you know photographer Mark Tuschman. During his recent project to photograph immigrants, he got to know Javier Zamora, the owner of JSM Organics in Monterey County. The market for his strawberries has disappeared.

“Mark is helping to fix that by arranging to buy dozens of flats of strawberries every Friday, and reselling them to neighbors. When I went to pick up mine this morning, he and his wife Jana were sitting on their front patio with 36 flats of strawberries awaiting their pickup. They wear masks, of course, and manage the flow of strawberry buyers so that we each wait on the driveway until the patio is cleared by the previous neighbor-customer. Mark is putting lots of time into this, and is not marking these up, so all the funds go to the farmer. (And the strawberries are DIVINE.)

Mark clarified his involvement: “I am not doing an open market. People who want berries have to call me and order what they want. All proceeds go to Javier of course. They are $40 per flat- 12 one pint boxes.

“People can contact me by email [] but frankly I am limited to how much volume I can handle. I can do a bit more but people may want to get an order from Javier directly and distribute to their own friends. Glad to make the connection tp Javier for interested buyers.”
Photo by Kathy Switky (c) 2020


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Myra Strober June 09, 2020 at 2:58 pm

Caryn Huberman has told me about the strawberries (and now raspberries) that you are selling and gives them high marks. I would like to order some. Please tell me how to do that. Thanks. Myra Strober

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