Artist Tara de la Garza “Monument to the Plastocene IV” solo art installation on view at Art Kiosk

by Linda Hubbard on June 15, 2020

Artist Tara de la Garza‘s solo art installation, Monument to the Plastocene IV, is on view at the Art Kiosk,  2208 Broadway in Redwood City, through July 5th.

When Tara’s opening at the Art Kiosk was postponed earlier this year she describes it “like putting the breaks on a cartoon juggernaut.” But then the work sat with her in the studio and evolved and finessed. The finessing also became a welcome distraction while sheltering-in-place.

“My feeling is that the art that is created during this time is going to be significant,” she says. “The time and introspection allows for critical and creative flow.”

While social distancing is now the norm, public art installations are one of the only ways we can experience art “live” right now. The Art Kiosk is in the central square of Redwood City where art is viewable from all angles with Tara saying that her installation is best viewed at night.

Her minimalist forms contain a maximalist aesthetic of excess. Textures fashioned from the detris of our community are molded into concrete cylinders and lights. Influenced by minimalist and constructivist artists such as Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse and Vladmir Tatlin, and contemporary artists Rachel Whiteread and Eva Rothschild, Tara’s ‘Monumental’ projects continue a practice of reusing materials and referencing modernist forms.

At this surreal time, she asks: “How does one exist in this once in a lifetime pandemic, let alone try and connect and tell stories with a community?”

InMenlo profiled Tara in 2019.

Photos courtesy of Tara de la Garza



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