Raise a Glass, Quarantine-Style continues on November 20

by Linda Hubbard on November 18, 2020

We like beer – and food! In the next virtual beer tasting on Friday, Nov. 20 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm, the focus will be on a beer and food pairings. Register online.

Are there certain styles of beer that pair well with certain kinds of food? Can you drink an IPA with tilapia? We will test the accepted “rules” of beer pairing, and maybe discover a few new pairings of our own. As always, feel free to taste along with some of our choices, or just join us for some fun and conversation as we try to build our beer knowledge.

The Beers
Lager – Stella Artois
Belgian Trappist Ale – Chimay Premiere
Hazy Double IPA – Offshoot Retreat
Stout – Highwater Brewing Campfire Stout
Kettle Sour – Laughing Monk Berried Treasure

The Food
Chips and hot salsa
Avocado rolls
Cheese plate
Dried fruit
French fries
Barbequed chicken

Don’t like those choices? Pick some of your favorites from each category, or tell us about your best beer/food pairing.

This month’s beers are available at the Willows Market in Menlo Park.


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Chris MacIntosh November 18, 2020 at 5:20 pm

How about a cider tasting for those of us who don’t like beer?

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