A day when the sun and rain play tag-your-it

by Linda Hubbard on January 22, 2021

Evening update: Another dribble making it 0.14″ with a year-to-date of 1.66″.

Just like the last time it rained this year on January 4, this was a day when you didn’t want to go for a walk without your raincoat even if the sun was shining brightly when you set out.

Ten minutes later it could be pouring as we discovered on a morning dog walk where a couple spied across the street were also dodging raindrops

A mile later and it was sunny enough to snap a shadowy.

Reports InMenlo weather watcher Dennis Nugent: “As of 3:30 pm with the sun shining brightly, the rain gauge shows 0.13″, and  and a rather wimpy 1.65″ year-to-date.”

For rain fans, more is predicted to fall over the next week.


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