Current States : Kindness Over Fear photography series continues at Cafe Zoë

by Linda Hubbard on April 16, 2021

We got an update from photographer Bruce Spencer who we profiled in March about his photo project at Cafe Zoë.

He let us know that Robert Eugene Rubino had penned a poem, Fallout Shelter, to accompany one of his street photos, Under 101,  (above) and was the most recent winner of the prize. Here is Robert’s poem:

Fallout Shelter

Be it ever so humble
there’s no place
home under a freeway
living surviving existing
under a freeway
have fallen
fallen through
fallen out
of so-called society
of so-called safety nets
into tattered shattered

Bruce is continuing to add new photos (below is Stanford woman) hoping to inspire new kind words.

Here are the weekly contest rules:

“In the spirit of the Current States: Kindness Over Fear photography series, we want to inspire people to look at the images of the current states of the pandemic: people / surroundings / thoughts…, and see what KIND words from your heart describe the image of your choice presented on the wall of Cafe Zoë, 1929 Menalto Avenue, Menlo Park.

“The owner of Cafe Zoë and the sponsoring photographer will select entries that are inspiring and thoughtful to receive the Weekly Prize.

“1. Write down KIND WORDS for one or more images presented on the wall of Cafe Zoë on a BLUE post-it-note, with your text number; we will respect privacy if you prefer to use your email.  Post your finished note under the image of your choice.

“2. Be thoughtful. Be patient. Be KIND.  We will text / email you and let you know if you have been selected.”

Photos by Bruce Spencer (c)2021

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