City of Menlo Park seeks input on new city website

by Contributed Content on July 27, 2021

The City of Menlo Park is in the process of building and testing plans for a better City website. They’re asking locals to answer a few short questions via a  website experience survey to help them make a website that works for everyone! The survey takes about 6 – 8 minutes to complete,

The survey is open through this Friday, July 30, and seeks feedback from residents, visitors and businesses about the current city website’s functionality.

The survey results will enable the City to make decisions during the website redesign process to improve user experience, with the interests of Menlo Park residents top-of-mind. All community members and visitors are encouraged to make their voices heard and play a part in the development of a website that best serves all who utilize the City’s many digital services.

Menlo Park’s website serves as a hub for city news and information, library information resources and book holds, parks and recreation programs, economic development resources for businesses, permit applications and much more.

The survey includes several open-ended questions to provide opportunity for you to share your thoughts and all responses can be submitted anonymously.


One Comment

I do love the mix, youth as well elders in MP July 27, 2021 at 5:54 pm

The survey wants to know my race, isn’t that a bit racist… If I select Alaska Native, will my response be less worth than the feedback of a White person… On one hand society is fighting against racism, on the other hand bureaucracy is asking for someone’s race. I do understand that sometimes it is needed for certain statistics, but for feedback of a new city website… In my opinion, also the question of what neighborhood, area I do live is not necessary… Q: Are you a government employee? Why? For a survey of a new city website… sorry, some questions are inappropriate.

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