Oak Knoll School holds three peace walks this week

by Linda Hubbard on March 23, 2022

Peace was top of mind three mornings this week at Oak Knoll School in Menlo Park. Explains principal Alicia Payton-Miyasaki:

“In alignment with our mission – every child an exemplary scholar, a valued friend, and a courageous citizen – we modified our weekly Ottercize to be an optional Peace Walk to send a message of hope from our children at Oak Knoll to the children in Ukraine and refugees worldwide.

“We have staff and families from Ukraine and Russia who are deeply committed to returning to peace and supporting the communities who have been affected by this war.  We also want to reflect that this peace walk can be an opportunity to think about the 4.8 million refugees around the world. There are about three dozen countries involved in a military conflict around the globe.

“In partnership with students and staff, we created this peace walk to offer our children an opportunity to use their voice to send a positive message, in an age-appropriate and flexible way, and to empower students with a sense of agency.  We also be sent home a piece of card stock paper that students may use to write a message to the children of Ukraine and refugees worldwide and then carry during their walk.”

When we visited Tuesday morning, many children carried Ukrainian flags as well as sunflowers, items that had been donated by parents.

Chalk Granny aka Mary Kay Mitchell decorated the sidewalk in the front of the school near the kindergarten playground.

Top three photos by Linda Hubbard (c) 2022; bottom photo courtesy of Oak Knoll School


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FRANCESCA SEGRE March 23, 2022 at 7:19 pm

Lovely, thoughtful way to bring children into the discussion.

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