Tomorrow’s clean electricity forecast: Here’s when to recharge your electric toothbrush or EV

by Ole Agesen on April 9, 2022

Tomorrow for about four hours starting at 11:00 am, California’s entire electricity demand will be met from solar, wind and nuclear generation. That’s four hours without emissions!

This happens a few times a year, usually on cool Spring weekend days when demand is lower and the Sun shines brightly. Hopefully we will see many more hours like this in the future.

Three weeks ago, on March 20, we had six hours of emission-free electricity — possibly a record! At the time, Diablo Canyon nuclear ran at full power. Today, with Unit 1 refueling in progress, Diablo Canyon runs at half power.

The bottom line: if you want your electric tooth brush or your EV to run on clean energy, tomorrow is a great day to recharge!

The data shown was fetched from CAISO’s day ahead market.

Menlo Park resident Ole Agesen has called the Allied Arts neighborhood his home since 2009.

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Heather Hoff April 10, 2022 at 2:34 pm

If we had more nuclear, we wouldn’t have to leave it up to chance weather and low demand.

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