Silicon Valley Sculpture 2022 brings fine art to Menlo College

by Lynn Auslander on September 27, 2022

Basking in the sun of early fall, Silicon Valley Sculpture 2022 held a successful run this past weekend on the campus of Menlo College. Engaging pieces collectively reflected this year’s theme: water.

Threatening Water (pictured), by local artist Yoko Tahara, is a bold statement about environmental and water concerns set in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Hanging from a tree with an ominous presence, it consists of two large mutilated fishes stuffed with “radioactive” blue tube lighting and hanging fabric strips representing injured skin. Viewers can’t help but feel the damage to our seas by man-made mishaps.

Scattered on the green campus, Marc Foster’s fluid steel sculptures resembled waves, drops and water currents. Meant to encourage audiences to think about their environment and community, these pieces are a quiet reminder of the charms of nature and to respect our environment.

One sculpture titled Precious was donated to Menlo College by artist Richard Starksleaving his mark on campus for future visitors to remember the value of water for our ecosystem.

With a wide range of materials invoking the feeling and flow of water, first-rate artists shared their visions and creativity with local residents. And with that, the Silicon Valley Sculpture fair concludes another thought-provoking exhibition adding beauty, dialogue, and the arts to our local community until next year when the theme will be Peace AND Love.

Photo by Lynn Auslander (c) 2022

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Ingrid Luders October 04, 2022 at 5:20 pm

Loved the sculpture by Yoko Tahara ! Wish themes as this would be used more often to remind the public what is happening around us !!!

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