Alley-Oop Kids raising money for sports lockers for underserved schools

by Linda Hubbard on December 15, 2022

Rishan Patel and Aidhan Ahuja are organizing a new Alley-Oop Kids fundraiser drive. They explain:

“We make sports accessible to under-resourced schools by installing Lending Lockers full of sports gear onsite. After completing a trial of five Lending Lockers, we now have seven Lending Lockers in three countries and need your help to reach even more kids.

“Each Lending Locker full of gear costs approximately $500. If you can fully sponsor a Lending Locker we will honor your donation by including your name on the locker (if you wish) and will share with you where your locker is and what great gear is in it!

“Any amount that feels right to you will really help us reach our goal of 100 Lending Lockers world-wide. All donations are tax-deductible and often qualify for company matching.”

You can donate online via GoFundMe.

The Menlo Park-based non-profit, Alley-Oop Kids, was founded by Rishan’s brother Shay when he was in fifth grade.


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