Menlo middle school drama presents The Winter’s Tale with Sarah Cloward directing

by Linda Hubbard on February 5, 2023

One Cloward (Joe) led us to another Cloward, Sarah, who teaches middle school drama at Menlo School. New to the school this year, her second production is The Winter’s Tale which will have performances on February 10 and 11 in Speiker Center for the Arts on campus. You can buy tickets online and at the door.

While Sarah got the drama bug early and performed in middle school and in high school at Pinewood, she says her lack of dance ability dissuaded her for a stage career. That said she ended up getting a dual degree in Theatre & Neuroscience at Hamilton College and an MA in Educational Theatre in Colleges and Communities at NYU and spent seven years teaching at Notre Dame San Jose before coming to Menlo.

“We do three shows a year,” she explains, “a melodrama, something from Shakespeare and a musical in the spring.”

“The Winter’s Tale doesn’t get produced much, but it’s a fascinating story. Written 400 years ago, it translates well today. People are experiencing emotions we are very familiar with. And the ending is joyful moment of familial love.”

While not an actor, Sarah thrives in her role as a director. “I love directing,” she says. “It’s a collaboration between the actor and the director, who can see it from the outside, helping actors make discoveries. And that’s the core of what teaching is, too.”

A new resident of Menlo Park, Sarah is as enthused about the town as she is her teaching.

“Everyone is so friendly, and I love being able to walk to so many places. With toddler twins, it’s nice to have the playground and library close by.”

Photos by Kevin Chan, Menlo School photographer


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