Next Community Collaboration Session on May 11 looks at lessons learned from storms

by Contributed Content on May 8, 2023

Everyone is welcome to attend the next Community Collaboration Session – Lessons Learned From The Storms: Preparing For Future Ones on Thursday, May 11, from 7:00-8:30pm in Trinity Hall at Trinity Church (330 Ravenswood Avenue in Menlo Park).

Menlo Park experienced multiple power outages because of this winter’s storms, and our community wants to use this opportunity to learn from that experience and prepare for the future. Attendees will have a chance to:

  • Share with and hear from our neighbors about the challenges we faced, and the creative hacks employed in the face of outages.
  • Hear from MPC Ready to learn about household resilience and the positive impact of neighbors knowing and helping neighbors during emergencies.
  • Explore emerging tech that can help during an outage.
  • Gather feedback about what worked and what else is needed from our city and county officials during emergencies.

Community Collaboration Sessions are a series of community-led discussions about Menlo Park’s responses to a changing climate. The intention is to explore a variety of environmental issues affecting the city and its residents, and host discussions where we can engage in deep dialogue, gather new ideas, and ensure multiple voices are represented in proposed solutions. Members of local environmental nonprofits and Menlo Park’s Environmental Quality Commission (working as private citizens) areworking together to create these sessions and will be at each one to help guide discussions and collect feedback.

MPC (Menlo Park Community) Ready is a volunteer-based organization that helps build disaster prepared, and climate change ready, households and neighborhoods through advocacy, education and training, resources, organization and support.

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