Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom plans special vigil on August 4

by Contributed Content on August 3, 2023

Emails Menlo Park resident Judy Adams:

“We stand every Friday, noon to 1:00 pm for peace and justice, and environmental and other issues at the busy intersection of El Camino and Embarcadero, on the public sidewalks outside Town & Country shopping center. In a modified Quaker practice we are silent — our signs speak for us in peaceful protest.

“Join us this Friday, August 4 for an “End the Nuclear Era”…”Say No to NUKES” silent vigil motivated by the occasion of the anniversaries of the bombings in 1945, which were “justified” at the time as a way to end the war and save Allied forces lives, but which unleashed the terrible power of nuclear weapons on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“Scientists at the secret Manhattan Project, including Oppenheimer, who led the project through the Trinity test, realized that the use of the weapon they were building might just destroy the world. Oppenheimer later quoted from the Bahagavida, with deep regret for his role, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.’”

“To most of us who vigil every Friday, the nuclear issue is a primary goal of peace work, not to exclude our other goals, but it will supersede other issues during the month of August.

“The achievement of the ratification by 60+ nations of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) now in its second year, is the keystone to the structure that can abolish this ultimate threat to our planet. How to achieve the ends of the treaty, and convince the nuclear powers to ratify it and comply (with verification) however, may be beyond negotiation, like Sisyphus’ task, but has to be addressed. Environmental activists acknowledge the threat of Nuclear Winter and we have stood together at a co-sponsored public event we organized near the 2nd anniversary of the TPNW to acknowledge that kinship.

“So we persist in our goal to disarm. While the month continues, we will gradually re-introduce other issues. But on Aug 4, you can’t miss us at the corner, which will be decorated with colorful handmade paper peace cranes. All our signs address the issue.

“You will see a small table at the corner where a petition in support of the TPNW can be signed (or use the large QR code on a few of our signs to study and sign it online). We will also have copies of a recently updated WILPF small tri-fold brochure with actions and information to end the whole nuclear era and reduce military spending and increase funding for human needs.

“Referenced there is information on HR-2775, and HR1134 (House of Representative bills) and H.Res-77(a House Resolution), and the Congressional Hotline to contact one’s Representative in Congress: 202-224-3121, and other materials.Near the table will be a basket where you can take a couple of the paper cranes home to remind you that peace is possible and war is not inevitable.”

InMenlo file photo of paper peace cranes in downtown Menlo Park (c) 2o2o

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