Who says science and religion can’t mix? They’ll do so nicely at Trinity Church in Menlo Park on May 19 when a Festival of Music is followed by a talk on carbon offsets.

“We offer the Festival of Music to celebrate our many musicians and singers at Trinity, and the wide variety of sacred music that is offered, from classical, traditional choral pieces to Bluegrass and contemporary music,” said the church’s rector, The Rev. Matthew Dutton-Gillett. “It’s really a concert set within a context of some prayers; we don’t have a sermon or our usual Communion service. It’s truly a celebration of music that anyone who appreciates music can enjoy.”

The Festival, free and open to the public, begins at 10:00 am. Trinity Church is located at 330 Ravenswood Ave in Menlo Park.

It will be followed (approximately 11:30 am) by a talk given by carbon offset expert Erin Craig of 3 Degrees.

Flying a few times a year generates so much CO2 that it can easily wipe out heroic reductions we make doing things like driving an EV or installing solar.

For those who must fly, there are offsets. What is a carbon offset? How much do they cost and where do I buy them? These are the questions that will be answered. The presentation is open to the community at large.

“We engage in many activities which contribute to climate change, for which there is no easy substitute or mitigation — including air travel,” said Erin. “Choosing to buy carbon offsets is a path which recognizes the magnitude of your personal impact, enables you to make thoughtful choices, and helps lighten our global climate emissions over time. For many people, they represent a good option.”


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Service Learning Center debuts at Menlo-Atherton High School

With the goal of getting more M-A students involved in volunteer efforts, the Service Learning Center (SLC) debuted at Menlo-Atherton High School last week. “We want to make service available to any student of any background,” explained Christiana Kalotihos (pictured), a junior who’s been involved in getting the center launched. “A student who’s interest in […]

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Group gathers to protest the removal of Redwood trees in Menlo Park

A small group that included the Raging Grannies gathered near the corner of El Camino and Ravenswood today to protest the removal of seven Redwood trees in that area. They passed out flyers to inform fellow residents what they can do to help save the trees. Another protest is planned for tomorrow, March 24, from […]

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Local non-profit takes on “Oily Wells” with a planned March for Fossil Fuel Freedom

Menlo Park resident Nicole Kemeny has a long history as an activist/advocate, initially around affordable housing and lending discrimination when she lived in Chicago. Now as president of 350 Silicon Valley, she is taking on “Oily Wells” in an effort to have Wells Fargo Bank be the first major bank in the U.S. to go […]

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Art Ventures Gallery’s series on Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment kicks off with artist Michael Killen

Dr. Katharina Powers has announced the Art Ventures Gallery Speaker Series: Stanford’s Climate-Energy Investment In Perspective: Art, Politics, and Science. This nine-day art and speaker series helps the general public, climate action now and clean energy advocates, along with  investors, to deepen their understanding of Stanford’s half-billion dollar energy-solution investment. It enables attendees to see […]

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In conversation with Parkland survivor turned gun control activist David Hogg

On Thursday, February 14, we celebrate Valentines Day. Tragically, this year, it also marks the one-year anniversary of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 students and staff members and injured 17 others. Out of that tragedy rose a group of students turned gun control activists, including […]

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Remembering Menlo Park’s hippie past – and the Whole Earth Truck Store

Have you heard about the famed counter culture publication from the 60s and 70s called the Whole Earth Catalog? The Whole Earth Truck Store (WETS) was a 1963 Dodge truck that was not simply a store on wheels but also an alternative lending library with a mobile micro-education service. A catalog was developed to explain […]

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Girls from La Entrada School in Menlo Park take part in Women’s March

A group of girls from La Entrada School in Menlo Park (and their moms) participated in the Women’s March that took place in San Francisco yesterday. Reports InMenlo contributing photographer — and Ladera resident — Laura Hamilton: “Zoe Gostyla, a sixth grader at La Entrada, did an art piece about ‘heroes’ and included the women’s […]

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“Safeguard CA” on display at Art Ventures during the Global Climate Action Summit

Art Ventures in downtown Menlo Park is hosting a three-day exhibition showing local artist Michael Killen’s six by 20 foot painting “Safeguard CA” during the Global Climate Action Summit this week, Tuesday to Friday (Sept. 11-14) . The painting is an interpretation of the sixth goal of California’s Climate Plan. There will be an art and […]

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Menlo Park residents among those who take part in Families Belong Together rally today

Menlo Park resident Charlotte Willner, who along with her husband Dave, launched a fundraiser on Facebook that has raised $20 million to support migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border spoke at the Families Belong Together rally at Courthouse Square in Redwood City this morning Reports another Menlo resident, Robin Tobias, who emailed photographs to InMenlo: […]

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Filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman set to release her last documentary in a career that’s spanned 40 years

She’s won an Emmy and been nominated for an Academy Award. Now after four decades of filmmaking, Menlo Park resident Dorothy Fadiman is releasing her final film, Chef Darren: The Challenge of Profound Deafness. It will be screened at 3:00 pm on Sunday, June 3, at the Lucie Stern Community Center ballroom in Palo Alto. […]

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