Street Treat is newest photography exhibit at Cafe Zoë

by Linda Hubbard on October 6, 2023

Street Treat is the name of a street photography show Ria Burman is putting on at Cafe Zoë in Menlo Park.  The show consists of local, national and international women and gender expansive street photographers.

Emails Ria: “The show is loose and exploratory, a splattering of views and scenes of life captured from individuals, landing framed upon the walls of Cafe Zoë for your viewing pleasure.

“The photos in the show convey moments of life, seen by the photographer, some are fragmented and obscured, others clear, calm or chaotic. Some capture a beauty in the everyday moments of life, while others document the unusual or bizarre happenings in life. Some are revealing, others mysterious, some poignant, others humerous.

“The show invites you to take a look at the work created by a considerably narrower demographic in the street photography realm and to celebrate, connect and grow this enriching and supportive community of women and gender expansive street photographers.”

There is an opening reception on Sunday, October 8, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. The show will be up through to the end of November. Cafe Zoë is located at 1929 Menalto Avenue.

Photo by Ria Burman; used with permission

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