Chess master Jim Eade writes book on addiction — and recovery

by Linda Hubbard on October 16, 2023

We first met Menlo Park resident Jim Eade in 2020 when we talked about his long-time interest in chess.  He received his U.S. Chess Master title in 1981 and U.S. Correspondence Chess Master in 1984. He earned his WGO Chess Correspondence Master title in 1990, and his WGO Chess Master title in 1993. He is the author of the best-selling Chess for Dummies.

He’s now penned a very different book — Freedom: Your Path to Recovery. He explains the basis for the book:

“Alcohol almost cost me my life, but I was also addicted to nicotine and used marijuana every day for a number of years.

“My ah-ha moment came was when I was in the hospital on death watch. I had an awakening at the moment when I became conscious again. I was different. It was a spiritual awakening. I chose to live. That awakening changed me. I was able to do things, particularly humanitarian work.

“The point of the book is one of hope. Live a life worth living and help others.”

Jim said it was important to him to “find people I could talk to openly without shame and fear — and have them accept me. My trap was isolation.”

And while he says Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) was essential, he found two other groups — Refuge Recovery and Recovery Darma, both Buddhist based, were a better fit for him.

“The point I try to make over and over: Find what works for you. Keep seeking is the primary message.”

Jim’s book is available on Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Jim Eade.

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