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Editor’s note: We know we aren’t the only one to have benefited from the care provided by Menlo Park physical therapist Robin Tobias, who has been providing services here since 1985. We’ve also gotten to know her over the years through her occasional “spotted” and flower photos sent to InMenlo. She’s raising concerns about the state of health care in this country and we are sharing her viewpoint with InMenlo readers.

I have been writing to Representatives Anna Eshoo and Jackie Speier over the past months to try to meet with them in regards to my concerns about trying to continue our high level of care with the pressures of the insurance industry and Medicare continually cutting reimbursements.

I got a very personal letter from Congresswoman Speier. Finally another local PT, Colleen O’Kane, was able to secure a meeting with Congresswoman Eshoo, now that she is home on recess. Four practice owners met with her on Monday, and we were able to convey our concerns. We will reconvene in the next few weeks after she has done some research into our concerns.

The issue of “Medicare for All” came up, obviously. Congresswoman Eshoo is opposed to it. We are all concerned that such a program would cause many more physicians and other providers to opt out of the system, out of necessity.

This is “political” but also impacts everyone in our community, as we all eventually need care.

Here’s what we know: Dog groomers get paid better than we do! And we have an aging population that needs us more than ever, while practices in this area are closing due to mounting pressures to make ends meet financially.

Pictured with Rep. Anna Eshoo, left to right: Chris Reed, Colleen O’Kane, Lisa Green and Robin Tobias


Spotted: Great Blue Heron perched in a tree

Now that the goats are gone from Sharon Hills Park, the Great Blue Herons are back (although not sure the two events are connected!). This one was spotted perched in a tree on Altschul Dr. when walking with my dog, Daisy, this morning.

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Spotted: Berries in Menlo still green on the vine

The berries on our walking route in the University Heights neighborhood — or what like to call “Sharon Low” — have usually ripened and been picked and eaten by the neighborhood kids by now. What a strange summer, as they are still not ripe yet! But they sure are big and beautiful!

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No not another world, just looks like it

Other-wordly is what struck me about this photo taken with my new iPhone on a run from Menlo Park through Lindenwood in Atherton. It reminded me of Kauai, and I used the sepia on the editing option of iPhoto because it just seemed to want to be that way. My runs are not longer in […]

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Local high school students meet with – and make recommendations to – Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Last Saturday (5/22) the 31-member Student Advisory Board to Representative Anna Eshoo met with the Congresswoman to present the results of their year’s work. The group, begun by Eshoo in 1993 (around the time most of these kids were born!) was created for the purpose of giving young people, most of them not old enough […]

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