Menlo Park Farmers Market

Jitze Couperus describes himself as “the market volunteer ‘face behind the curtain’ who looks after the Menlo Park Farmers Market’s Facebook presence… my wife was one of the group of ladies who got the market going around 28 years ago, and we’ve both been involved with it to some extent ever since.

Lately he’s been taking photos of masked market goers and here’s a selection, focusing on men who just might be fathers! Love the expression in all of their eyes.

Photos by Jitze Couperus (c)2020

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San Mateo County health officer issues statement on virus spread, schools and the county’s variance application

The new statement issued Monday, June 15, by San Mateo County Health Officer Dr. Scott Morrow outlines how he and County leadership made the decision to apply for a variance from the state’s current shelter-in-place order so that the county can achieve full alignment with the state’s reopening timeline. A second wave of the virus […]

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McGinnis Ranch celebrates 28 years at Menlo Park Farmers Market

Writes Menlo Park Farmers Market manager Lori Henning: “About 35 miles south of our market as the crow flies (but nearly twice that distance if you ride your bike) lies the McGinnis Ranch. Located in one of the richest and most fertile plains of California, it also enjoys one of the best climates. It lies […]

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Shoppers obey new rules set in place this Sunday at Menlo Park Farmers Market

Shoppers who ventured to the Menlo Park Farmers Market today found new rules in place and a slightly different look. Thanks to the City of Menlo Park allowing the use of some additional car park space, the stalls were spread further apart, providing a wider aisle, making it is easier for people to observe social […]

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Vendors at this morning’s Menlo Park Farmers Market get creative

Yes, the Menlo Park Farmers Market was open this morning with hand washing/sanitizing stands at either end and innovative measures to keep both farmer and customer safe. Ian Garrone whose family owns Far West Fungi at Moss Landing was selling pre-bagged “shrooms,” and he was willing to mix and match for those who didn’t want […]

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Spotted: Signs-of-the-time #1: “stagger yourselves”

Menlo Park resident Jim Lewis sent us an email suggesting InMenlo might spotlight some of the “signs of the times.” We thought of that at the entrance to the Menlo Park Farmers Market this morning. Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2020

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Downtown Menlo Park a bit of a ghost town this Sunday morning as coronavirus numbers continue upwards

On Friday, Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park was heralding “Friday vibe, clear blue skies and lots of sun.” Then came the rain — and the announcement that the popular downtown eatery would no longer be open for dinner starting Saturday, March 14. And then that they’d be closing entirely from today through Sunday, April 6, […]

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Lesson about persimmons thanks to Logan at Camper

Persimmons seem to be every where at the moment — on trees as we walk the streets of Menlo Park and at the grocery store. Until last night, we thought they were something to be avoided at all costs. Yucky and mushy come to mind as descriptions. Given that, we’re not sure why we ordered […]

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Spotted: Cozzolino’s pumpkins at Menlo Park Farmers Market

Tony Cozzolino brought a great assortment of pumpkins and gourds to the Menlo Park Farmers Market today. We admire their shapes, sizes, and colors! For people heading coast side, Cozzolino pumpkins and gourds, along with Indian corn, mini hay bales and more, can be purchased at Pastorino Farms, 12391 San Mateo Road (Highway 92), Half […]

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Spotted: Humongous artichokes at Menlo Park Farmers Market

The artichokes that Northridge Farms brought to the Menlo Park Farmers Market today were so big it was impossible to pass by without snapping a photo. Luckily, they were next to some regularly-sized strawberries just to give them something to compare to. Northridge is a family farm located in Monterrey County. More on its history […]

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Tian Mayimin brings artisan bread to the Menlo Park Farmers Market

At last, there’s bread to buy at the Menlo Park Farmers Market. Very good bread baked in a Willows neighborhood kitchen that’s been certified by the County of San Mateo. The baker is Tian Mayimin, who we sat down with on a recent Sunday after what she’d brought to the market was sold out (as […]

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