Menlo Park Farmers Market

Persimmons seem to be every where at the moment — on trees as we walk the streets of Menlo Park and at the grocery store.

Until last night, we thought they were something to be avoided at all costs. Yucky and mushy come to mind as descriptions.

Given that, we’re not sure why we ordered Burrata cheese at Camper last night, given the full description on the menu: DiStefano Burrata, Pickled Delicata Squash, Marcona Almonds, Fuyu Persimmon, Saba. One can only assume that it was because we adore Burrata and chose to ignore that second to last ingredient.

So imagine our surprise when the salad arrived with beautiful round slices of persimmons that not only were crisp like a radish but sweet!

Managing partner Logan Levant provided the explanation: The key work is Fuyu. An online search further defines the difference between two common varieties of persimmon.

Hachiya persimmons are heart or acorn-shaped, and can be quite astringent. These are the persimmons that should not be eaten until they’re ripe, or even overripe, as their unripened taste can be extremely bitter and unappealing. Upon ripening they are supposed to have a delicate sweetness. Mushiness is not mentioned.

On the other hand, Fuyu persimmons are usually squat and round, and look the most like orange tomatoes. They are much less astringent, which means they can be eaten even if not fully ripe. An unripened Fuyu is usually easy to cut and sweet.

This morning we spotted Fuyu persimmons at the Menlo Park farmers market. They go great with Burrata as we learned last night at Camper!

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2019

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Spotted: Cozzolino’s pumpkins at Menlo Park Farmers Market

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Spotted: Humongous artichokes at Menlo Park Farmers Market

The artichokes that Northridge Farms brought to the Menlo Park Farmers Market today were so big it was impossible to pass by without snapping a photo. Luckily, they were next to some regularly-sized strawberries just to give them something to compare to. Northridge is a family farm located in Monterrey County. More on its history […]

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Tian Mayimin brings artisan bread to the Menlo Park Farmers Market

At last, there’s bread to buy at the Menlo Park Farmers Market. Very good bread baked in a Willows neighborhood kitchen that’s been certified by the County of San Mateo. The baker is Tian Mayimin, who we sat down with on a recent Sunday after what she’d brought to the market was sold out (as […]

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Spotted: Bread at the Menlo Park Farmers Market

If you’re familiar with farmers markets in Europe, there are always at least one bread vendor, and, at the larger markets, three or four. Finally, Menlo Park’s farmers market has bread for sale, and we heard rave reviews about Little Sky Bakery, which is based right here in town. Only time for a quick snapshot […]

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Menlo Park “all-in” for Curry – let’s go Dubs!

Walking around downtown Menlo Park this morning had the look of a Steph Curry fan club. We spotted a half dozen Curry shirts on men and women, young and old. Our favorite is worn by the always friendly man who is part of the Medina Berry booth.  The third-generation family farm is located on 48 […]

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Spotted: Dazzling display of ranunculus at Menlo Park Farmers Market

How could you not stop at Tony Cozzolino’s dazzling display of ranunculus flowers at this morning’s Menlo Park Farmers Market. It may still be winter but the “rose of spring” had arrived! Equally dazzling were his tulips, many of which were still sealed shut, waiting to open until they landed in a buyer’s home. We […]

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Spotted: New vendor – Smit Farms – at Menlo Park Farmers Market

We stopped at the Smit Farms booth this morning at the Menlo Park Farmers Market, the second week the primarily apple grower from Linden, CA, has been there. The farm has been supplying tree fruit that has been sustainably grown to Certified Farmer’s Markets since 1969. Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2018 

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Spotted: Patriotic sisters at the Menlo Park farmers market

We applauded the clothing choices of sisters Janice (left) and Angela at the farmers market this morning. The Menlo Park residents were kind enough to pause for a photograph. Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2017

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Spotted: Whole lotta cherries at Menlo Park farmers market

Cherries were abundantly on display today at the Menlo Park farmers market. Multiple vendors were selling both the more expensive Rainer variety as well as pretty red Bings.

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First Sunday in May brings new seasonal treats to Menlo Park Farmers Market

A sunny Sunday morning brought some new choices to the Menlo Park Farmers Market. The opening of commercial salmon season at Pigeon Point meant Pietro Parravano had a good selection of the tasty fish at the hefty price of $29.95 a pound, reflecting the economics of supply and demand. “We’re not looking at a long […]

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