Willows flamingos

We recently spotted the Willows flamingos rounded and up penned behind a fence. Had they disobeyed? Started taking flight? Neither. The posted sign explains what’s going on: “First Amendment Area. This area has been set aside for individuals or group exercising their constitutional first amendment rights. The Fictional Park Service neither discourages, or otherwise endorses, these activities and receives no funds in relation to these activities.”

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Spotted: Willows flamingos declared a national historic landmark!

Artist S2’s flamingos have been declared a national landmark – or so says the sign in their current installation. It reads: “The Willows Flamingos (Installation Site) has been designated a NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK. This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States. Undated. National Park Service. United States Department of the […]

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