Menlo exclusive: Pet realtors?

by Chris Gulker on June 29, 2010

We understand why local cafés have water bowls for dogs on the sidewalk, but we were a bit perplexed to see a bowl outside a local realtor on Santa Cruz Ave.

On the one hand, the colorful paw motif suggests the bowl came from Pet Place, just up the block, so kudos for shopping locally. On the other hand we are curious why dogs would be visiting a realtor. Do prospective buyers bring their pets to look over listings, to get a second opinion as it were? Could it be that some Menlo pets are so wealthy that they can afford their own place?

It may just be that some kind soul is conscious of the fairly steady stream of Menlo canines that daily promenade on Santa Cruz, and has taken pains to see that they don’t go thirsty.  But you never know – there could be a beagle in town who had early options at Google and is now looking to upgrade from doghouse to townhouse.

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