From software engineer to someone who helps people “love their love life,” may not seem like the usual career arc, but it’s one that Menlo Park resident Michele Fabrega took.

From both life experience and professional training, Michele is now a life coach “passionate about helping moms,” particularly those in midlife. “Women often know that a better relationship is possible but are caught in patterns of behavior that doesn’t bring them the love and connection that they want,” she says.

Michele speaks from the experience of an unhappy first marriage “Like others, we met, got married and had kids. I found myself struggling and really unhappy. I needed help, and through therapy got some tools.

“People so often run to the exits. We did couple therapy for two years, did our due diligence, and then moved on. Both of us are in new committed relationships now.”

Michele works one on one with people as well as hosting “getting real” salons and weekend workshops on love and sexuality. “In retrospect, I put a lot of eggs in one basket, expecting a lot of my former husband,” she says. “But I’ve learned so much is possible when we learn to make it as fabulous as it can be.”

The arc from high tech to relationship counseling did have one important link, according to Michele. When her kids were young she was a La Leche League Leader with a focus on offering information not giving advice. She’s also been involved in conscious dance and movement meditation.

Reflecting on finding new love in mid-life and beyond she says, “There’s such a richness of sensual and sexual expression at this time of my life. I thought it was just for the young — it almost feels spiritual.”

More information about Michele’s services and philosophy is available on her website.

Photo by Linda Hubbard (c) 2018

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