New services offered in Menlo Park and nearby communities

by Linda Hubbard on June 24, 2023

We’ve received notices from a number of businesses that are offering new or expanded services in Menlo Park and some neighboring communities. As always, best to vet them before using.

Honey Homes puts your home on a regular maintenance schedule

Honey Homes (pictured above) — the new way for homeowners to eliminate the hassle of maintaining appliances, hanging new photos, inspecting sprinklers, and more — has launched in Menlo Park, Woodside, and Atherton.

Founded by a Bay Area husband and wife duo, it is a concierge-style membership service that provides end-to-end house care. For a flat fee, members are matched with a dedicated handyperson who comes by at least once a month to take care of all their home improvement and preventative maintenance needs.

Through Honey Homes’ mobile app, members can schedule appointments, manage their to-do list, and get real time support from a team of experts.

Otter offers childcare services on demand

Otter matches parents who need childcare with trusted sitters in their community — on-demand for when the nanny calls in sick, parents need a date night, or a family just has a gap in their childcare.

Their sitters (most of whom are college students) are highly vetted, including skills assessment, background check and reference checks from previous families.

Recyling company Ridwell expands services

We covered Ridwell soon after it entered the Menlo Park market. Ridwell is expanding its pickup service to include previously non-recyclable packaging, like multi-layer plastic bags that chips, nuts, granola bars and frozen food come in.

Traditional curbside recycling programs won’t take it because it’s made up of several layers of plastic and other materials fused together

It’s a first-of-its kind sustainability program in partnership with specialty recyclers who give the material a new life.

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