Ridwell offers Menlo Park residents new recycling options

by Linda Hubbard on February 15, 2023

Label me one of the somewhat confused Recology customers. There’s that big blue bin labeled “recycle” but what really gets recycled and what gets buried in landfill?

Hence, my interest in learning that Ridwell is now offering its recycling services in Menlo Park. A conversation with CEO/Founder Ryan Metzger filled in the details.

What is certainly recycled from my big blue bin are aluminum cans and cardboard. And there could be other things that wouldn’t end up in the landfill if they weren’t mixed together, according to Ryan.

He explained that the seed for what became Ridwell began with a project he did with his then young son Owen (now a fifth grader!) to recycle batteries. Their neighborhood recycled battery project blossomed into other household items including light bulbs, electronics, clothes hangers, Styrofoam, plastic bags, clothing, and even Halloween candy.

“As a parent, I was always looking for activities to do on the weekend,” says Ryan. “What I really loved about this one was that it fed upon itself. And the community was really a part of it.”

Ridwell began in the Northwest and came to Menlo Park in December. The growing list of things you can recycle through its every other week pick up include plastic film, clothing & fabric, and light bulbs. How it works is explained on the company’s website. The cost is $14-18 a month.

“Our reception here has been strong,” he says. “We’re popular with busy families as well as retirees.

“We are not stopping until you and others in Menlo Park have nothing to throw way. In March, we’re starting a pilot program around thicker plastics that are generally related to food storage.

“The emphasis is on the customer: What can we help you get rid of?”

Rid well, of course (sorry couldn’t resist!).

Photo of Ryan and young Owen courtesy of Ridwell.

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