Checking in with Deano about what’s new at Webb Ranch Farmers Market

by Linda Hubbard on May 21, 2011

The Farmers Market at Webb Ranch on Alpine Road in Menlo Park, which usually opens for the season Memorial Day weekend, opened on May 17 this year. “We wanted to take advantage of the good spring weather,” said market manager Deano Lovecchio, “and wouldn’t you know it starts raining. But it’s nice now, and opening earlier allows us to get the kinks out before the bulk of the produce comes to market.”

Family run Webb Ranch has been serving the Peninsula since 1922. Its fields are CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers). The Farmers Markets sells fruits and vegetables directly from the Ranch as well as other local farms. With berry picking still a month off and Ace tomato time even farther away, we stopped by to see what’s at the market now.

Deano said that they’re getting strawberries this year from from the Rodriguez Farms in Watsonville. “They pick at 6:00 am and we have them here by 9:00.”

Also in stock now are Brooks cherries from C.J> Olson. As they become more plentiful, Deanno said the price per pound will drop.

As was was the case last year, there are a few shelves of various olive oils as well as the always popular pure honey from Webb Ranch hives. “The bees pollinate in the eucalyptus trees, so it has a nice sage taste,” said Deanno.


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