Traffic safety intervention staged by Oak Knoll school parents, reminding drivers to slow down

by Linda Hubbard Gulker on November 5, 2013

Oak Knoll parent Steve, who was stationed at the corner of Oak Ave and Oak Knoll Lane this morning, was one of a dozen or so parents that were sprinkled around the streets near Oak Knoll School with placards in hand. Their purpose was to remind drivers to slow down, stop at stop signs, and watch out for children.

“It’s amazing how many drivers just routinely run stop signs,” observed Steve, who lives on Olive near another intersection. “Cyclists, too.”

The traffic safety intervention was staged at the request of Oak Knoll principal David Ackerman and Vice Principal Kirsten Garcia, who wrote in a message to parents: “There have been a number of near tragic incidents near and around our school. We believe these incidents are related to driver and bicycle behavior…Our goal is to remind the community that safety is a priority, and to make an impression on and educate drivers and bicyclists.”

In addition to the parents, the Menlo Park Police Department had extra patrols in the area.

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