Decorate the kiddie table at Thanksgiving with TP teepees and party animals

by Alexis Murphy on November 23, 2013

Oh my, the party animals at the kids’ table are getting wild this Thanksgiving. Their hats are on, and they have Teepee’d the table, with TP Teepees. (Yes, I mean toilet paper!)

The little piggiet is excited — he is glad turkey, not pork, is on the menu. The cow looks a little guilty for teepee-ing the table. The ram just looks dapper in his hat. And the duck isn’t saying a word!

Are you ready to teepee?

Teepee farm animals step one

It is really simple. You just need double sided tape, toilet paper, pipe cleaners, and twine. Twist 3 pipe cleaners together at the top and stand it up like a tripod. Put double sided tape on the sides. Place on first square of TP (I used Cottonelle, love the pattern and it is thick). Fold over onto taped pipe cleaner.

Then cover other side using the same method until covered. You may need to do a little tuck and folding or better yet, let the kids go at it to stay busy.

Teepee farm animals step two

The hats are easy too. I punched out tiny circles. Cut, then folded strips of paper. Cut then punched a small hole in gold paper for buckle. Then just glue all together

Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe teepeeing (hopefully not tp-ing) will be a new tradition?

Menlo Park resident Alexis Murphy shares her creative ideas online at Jac o’lyn Murphy where this first appeared; used with permission.


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